What Is Astrology?

Taurus is the Fixed Earth (Establishing Manifestation) Sign, whose energetic task is to take the great passion and love and freedom of Nissan and establish it, laying the groundwork of manifestation by deep thought and discernment. And now to take even my son’s dudaim! Ms. Guler emailed a university psychology program asking if they’d take M.R.I. Wilson is an Earth Dragon, and Manning is a Fire Dragon. Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning are both Fire Signs – in fact, in Chinese Astrology, they’re both DRAGONS. Peacock are wise. The hundred eyes upon their tales have seen the truth of life and death, and know them to be one. Pluto’s “discovery” in 1930 coincided with the most intense period of human history, one which saw the rise of Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, WWII and the discovery of atomic power (ruled by Pluto). The “Pluto Generation” saw the rebirth of a people, a nation and a hope that had all but been extinguished in the ovens of Europe. July 2015 has been an historic month for Pluto.

Cheshvan, the Hebrew Month associated with Scorpio and therefore Pluto, is known to be the “Month without holidays” in the Hebrew Calendar (read more about the “incepted” months of Cheshvan and Iyar in the Jewish Year HERE). This is only one of the many Astrological tools we use here at Knowing Whispers Astrology to help our clients live more successful lives. But here is one that suprised me, using Google Earth to locate asteroid/comet impact craters. An astrologer in Pune will always ask your both location to determine its impact on your life and to identify which part of the world will be most compatible for your life and will make you happy. Indian or Jyotish the inspiration of Jyotisha relies on the Sanskrit bandhu of the Vedas that describes the binding between the inner and outer world. Now the question arises as to why the Indian astrology is considered to be more appropriate than the other astrological procedures.

It’s also more favorable for Manning’s Mars in Cancer (a nice Trine) but Manning’s Mars in Cancer is also in a little trouble. Pluto was assigned astrological rulership of Scorpio, previously associated with Mars (classical co-ruler of both Aries and Scorpio). The Bronco’s Peyton Manning has a brave Aries Sun, with his Moon in ambitious, practical Capricorn and Mars in persistent Cancer. The Moon will be Void of Course in Pisces, not good for either player, unless the game goes past 11:30pm Eastern Time, in which case the Moon will finally enter Aries, favoring Manning. It’s possible to say that even though Peyton Manning is considerably older than Russell Wilson, he’s like a Jedi Knight compared to a young initiate, who lacks nothing when it comes to courage but can’t hold a candle to experience. Using pliers, bend one end of each wire up (about 1/2 inch) to form a right angle so that it will hold a clay planet.

My prediction – a close game, Seattle will lead but the Broncos will end up winning. We will see that the universe has incredible beauty. At 2 Degrees Cancer, it’s Conjunct the current position of an embarrassing little asteroid called Hades in the 11th House of the Game (see chart). I’m thankful I was let to see it. Manning, the Aries, is a Fire Dragon, and Wilson, the Sagittarius, is an Earth Dragon. Oh – and don’t forget about the Chinese Astrology aspect – Earth extinguishes Fire. The triple play of all three Fire Signs, perfectly configured to give him visionary prowess (Sagittarius), pride and leadership (Leo) and courage and fearlessness (Aries) right where it counts. The Seahawk’s Russell Wilson is a Sagittarius with his Moon in Leo and Mars, Planet of Aggression, Energy and “koach” is in Aries. As a young sprout, I waited for Saturday morning fishing trips down to our little creek, Spring Creek, with all the impatient eagerness of today’s wait for the Moon to darken so I can get down to Chiefland again.