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Regardless of degree the entire sign becomes that house. It’s much like Whole Signs except it bases every house equally on the Risings sign Ascendant degree. But long before that, Astrologers were using “Whole Signs” where the sign Rising on the eastern horizon at time of birth determined the signs of all 12 houses (areas of life) on the wheel. Taking out all the house divider lines (cusps) except for the main cross representing the horizon (left to right) and Meridian (above & below) can make things even more accurate, albeit simple. Anyone can do a quick PubMed search to find the latest data in pre-eminent journals, it’s not like it is hidden. Having your sun in the 3rd quadrant is like having it in 7th, 8th and 9th houses all at once. If you have your sun in the 2nd quadrant then your sun can be interpreted as a combination of 4th, 5th and 6th houses all at once. Although both Whole Signs and Equal houses use the MC point of all systems but can be in different houses than 10th, adding more information to how your career point and public image functions. For example if you have your sun in the 1st quadrant, you can interpret it as in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses all at once.

It can be an ordinary new or full moon, or it can be an eclipse. The Sun, Moon, galaxy of stars and planets impart energies and attach themselves to us through invisible cords. This is typically going to be a reliable house system to use when it comes to understanding what area of life your personal energies are activating. It puts the focus and purpose of life on forming and understanding relationships, partnerships, intimacy, life and death, world philosophy and discovering what you lust for and desire the most. Vedic astrology is an previous kind of Indian astrology that tries to guide a man’s life through the movements of the world with their time and impact. Your main focus & purpose to life will be on self development & gaining self awareness about your inner world. Merging and balancing the self with others is what keeps you vital, and you won’t have as much time alone.

There is divine permission to be self centered, focusing on what you need with lots of time being alone doing what you want, more so than any other quadrant placement. Each quadrant has 3 houses. Another very reliable and older system than Placidus is “Equal Houses”. In fact, i believe all the many different houses systems usually end up pointing to this basic lineup of Whole Signs. I’m going to talk about the four quadrants of the astrological wheel as an alternative to using common house systems. It’s pretty common for western astrology sites to give you a chart using the Placidus House system. If you have only seen your chart thru one perspective, let me tell you, that’s going to be very limiting! That’s why it’s best to have all the many different versions of yourself and potential available for viewing & analyzing. That’s part of what defines astrology as something other than a ‘belief system’ – and why the word metaphysics references to the science of ‘physics’ as opposed to a religion or belief.

If you look at your chart under your name and birth data, there should be a word describing what house system the chart is produced from. House systems is how we divide the chart up into 12 sections that describe different areas of yourself. House systems is the number one area of frustration in astrology, long debated. If you’re a newbie to astrology, you might not even be aware there is more than one house system to choose from. When I was learning astrology, I was told that a square between Saturn and Neptune in the natal chart indicates alcoholism. Where we can see some sort of ‘self-reflective’ mechanism in the chart providing feedback, that often helps (especially if it’s nicely placed). Most of the time Placidus is used as default, but you can actually change the option to one of many others. The Placidus system was developed back in the Renaissance era. After testing many different versions, then you can choose with confidence what system best describes you and your life. Modern astrology needs to be reminded of how fierce and temperamental we can be.