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In this manner, much information while authored by Greeks and Babylonians, is Persian-Zoroastrian in origin, and many classical Hellenic authors acknowledge their source. In relation to astrology, they cite Zoroaster, Ostanes or the magi in general as their source. When the Greeks cite a book on astrology written by the arch-magus Ostanes, it was likely the book of Jamasp or a book based on Jamasp’s writings. According to one of Plato’s disciples, Hermodorus, Zoroaster was a ‘Persian’ (all Iranians were called ‘Persians’ by the Greeks) and the first Magian. While there is a Zoroastrian tradition in astrology, Zoroastrians do not see Zoroaster (Zarathushtra/Zarathustra) as an astrologer. While the Zoroastrian calendar employed a zodiac, the zodiac was used to predict the equinoxes and solstices. Some writers state that this system of starting the year on the equinox produced an automatically self-adjusting calendar that did not need to rely on specified intercalary (leap) days but which were inserted automatically.

In my article “About Horoscopes and Psychics” I state that I have found no true clairvoyants or psychics on the Internet. Yearly horoscopes for 2019 are now showing up steadily! A majority of the people throughout the globe has tough belief in nadi astrology and horoscopes and the number varies with each nation. According to Indian astrology there is a strong link between qualities of person and time in which they born. There are numerous things I like about the program, including one thing that might seem a little mundane or even silly. You might learn a little bit about yourself too! I have always been a Scorpio, and I will stay a Scorpio. Until now there have been 12 zodiac signs, namely, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. It refers to the house where a planet enjoys itself, its energy being really appropriate and useful there.

The planet of Saturn adjust to certain situations and ends up the winner overall. 2019 also found you thinking outside of the box in your approach to personal finances: You’re a spontaneous person, Aries, but you’re learning that security doesn’t necessarily mean boredom. You only need to lock them down tightly enough so the scope is held firmly enough that bumping it or changing eyepieces doesn’t move it. I also prefer to be able to at least see the scope as I observe. Persia was a small but dominant kingdom of the Iranian federation of kingdoms – province (also see Iran and Persia, Are They the Same?) and therefore the Greeks called all of Iran, ‘Persia’ akin to called Great Britain, ‘England’. A number of surviving Babylonian and Greek works were written or acquired by the Greeks during Persian rule. According to Pliny Ostanes’s introduction of the “monstrous craft” to the Greeks gave those people not only a “lust” (aviditatem) for magic, but a downright “madness” (rabiem) for it. One of the primary purposes of the observatory was to measure time, maintain a very precise calendar and predict the seasons and accompanying weather changes – in other words, applied astronomy.

Rather, they see Zoroaster as a wise person who developed an integrated understanding of theology, philosophy, ethics, the sciences (including astronomy), health and order – in other words, active, meaningful, holistic, ethical, lawful living. According to the Zoroastrian text the Jamasp Namah (the Book of Jamasp), as well as Western sources, Zoroaster was the first Mobed-e Mobedan and upon his passing away, that office was inherited by a noted contemporary, Jamasp. Unlike Greek sources, while Zoroastrian sources do not make the claim that Zoroaster was the ‘inventor’ of astrology, a few Zoroastrians texts do speak of Zoroaster as an astronomer and someone who built an astronomical observatory. While a few of the features of the “old” CdC aren’t working yet, there are some new ones, like multiple linked charts, that are already working and which blaze new trails for the program. As a Capricorn, you probably know your basic Horoscope, but did you know there are over seventy days every year that are lucky for you, just because of your sun sign? The Bundahishn bases its information on prior texts written when the spring equinox (Nowruz or Newday) commenced when the Sun entered the first degree (khurdak) of Varak the ram (Aries in the West).