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Exciting Developments In Telescopes

Another plus was that I already knew how to work the NexStar hand control. However, the way he did it (and in front of a senior faculty member that I work with) seem to lay all the “blame” on me for this “misunderstanding”. Maybe some kind of good deal comes your way and excites you big time, but later find out you were deceived. Some adjustments will need to be made as challenges and obstacles will start to appear as we close out this current moon cycle the next 10 days. Sometimes it can help to let go of the need for control of your life. Now apply this to your life and current circumstances in regards to that long term vision you have for yourself within the group. Symbolically this means that the universal mental focus is quietly observing the social flow, group activity, friendships, and what might be next for us within the group dynamics. This is all the revolution and war energy being intensified Sunday – Tues so choose your battles wisely and if no battles to fight trust that these social developments are for the best for all involved.

Circumstances turn real intense and powerful, strong social situations develop whether you are just observing or actually engaged in tough power struggles or deep issues arising around you. These astrological signs are also said to have the power to illustrate the compatibility between you and your mate. Stuff like that. It won’t last long, Have a great day no matter what. The phone is great. It’s hard to fight an enemy that you can’t see. It can go either way tho depending on our own fight and situation – used for a positive or negative. It’s easy to see the good rather than the negative so just try not to fool yourself or others. Some of the (good) sweet and sour chicken and a salad and I was a happy camper. This little assemblage of telescope construction projects from about two decades ago gets pulled down off my shelf frequently because, like all good amateur-astro books, it is more than it appears to be. Mercury stops moving forward on the new moon as its symbolic of us deeply focused on something particular and then needing to gain more perspective on it through investigation, research and reevaluation.

Let me first list all these main aspects then we’ll go from there. The main thing to remember in all this is to co-create with the universe; let go of control and rethink your visions and dreams, accepting and trusting in relationship expansion that involves the entire group, not just self. I’m going to list the main aspects in place for the next 10 days until that new moon arrives because it looks like a really significant energy change is shaping up albeit on subtle levels. There is some interesting astrology taking place right now leading up to the Aquarius new moon on Jan 20 which changes everything. Transit Mars is symbolic of universal passion; it’s how we make things happen in our life; the warrior energy; where the action and strong forceful energy is in our life right now. One of these changes is Mars moving into the last sign of the zodiac – Pisces for the next five weeks.

We might have been stuck in our mind thinking about all that for the last few weeks with some detachment but now that energy runs into a very unsettling wet fog bank. Ending a two year cycle for action in a sense, starting a new cycle in five weeks. However Mercury won’t make it past this conjunction as it’s just now starting to lose momentum; slowing down from the earth’s perspective which means tonight (Jan 10) will be the closest that these two planets will be together for awhile. On Jan 14 Mars has first quarter square with Saturn. In Astrology there is cycles within cycles and on one level Mars is ending a cycle as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It had been a while since I’d visited the Chiefland Astronomy Village; I hadn’t been there since February 2015, actually. There was all this momentum moving us forward and now it seems we are about to get bogged down with some delays, confusion or some other unforeseen events that can have us questioning the next move. For ancient astronomers, who worked without the benefit of telescopes, phenomena like this would have had enormous significance. Solid Explorer also goes more in-depth than simple file storage, with options for keeping archived files and the ability to access any cloud storage services you may use, like Google Drive or Dropbox.