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In fact, It was the same series as the 1948 eclipse. The signs of the zodiac are, in fact, each said to be “ruled” by one or two of the planets. Histories say that the partition of the ecliptic into the zodiacal signs started off in the Babylonian astronomy in the earliest half of the 1st millennium BC. For the measure of each sign, many take the ecliptic as it cuts through the starry dynamo. From time to time, he has to deal with illnesses which take him out of the competitive arena, strongly affecting his abilities to work. The tendency to be critical and to take everything apart is strong with Ketu in this location, and can be, to some extent, severe, the sign involved considered. Ketu in the sixth is the critic or the worker. This individual knows how to work, and much more so when this Ketu is favorably aspected by Mars.

Ketu here denotes mysterious illnesses, those difficult to diagnose. So the emphasis here is on the lunar sidereal months which is the time it takes the Moon to travel around the ecliptic. Here is the Moon the day the film was released. The House with a Clock in Its Walls was released on September 21st or 21-9. Also, keep this in mind: October 18th, 1948 was the last Full Moon of the Islamic year 1367. 1367 is the 219th prime number. That film was released in the UK on November 20th, 2002. That was the day of a lunar eclipse. In my last video I showed how Trump’s visit to North Korea was a tribute to the Bond film “Die Another Day”. That made me think about Derek’s eclipse number 1331 which is 11x11x11. And recently I found out that the Sun at Greatest Eclipse for the 1948 lunar eclipse had a Right Ascension of 13 hours 31 minutes. This 1948 eclipse wasn’t just any eclipse.

Besides the 1331 there was also an Ecliptic Conjunction time of 2:23am UT and Greatest Eclipse was 2:35am UT. There is great attention to detail with the ability to weed out. The digestive system or problems with circulation need(s) attention in this case. It is unique because so are you. Affairs of Karma or life as a continuous process are significant for them; and their interest in reincarnation is amazingly worth noting. Whether he is actually aware of it or not, much of his life is spent in deep thought.He finds the physical world exhausting. I suppose you are correct that from far away, the Earth might not look like much. In October 2015 it was as far away as Neptune, the outermost planet, and now it is between Mars and Jupiter. The self as developed in past incarnations is now seen as a perfected ideal, stationed above the rest of humanity. After all, if someone is a shining star in your life, now is as good a time as any to let them know.

From the ancient times to the present times people have developed sources that have helped to know about the heavenly forces which play a vital role in deciding the direction of the life of an individual. Rahu in the 12th house often signifies that one has a lot to learn in this lifetime, with or without individual choice. Many times this position produces doctors and nurses, and would seem to be an excellent way to fulfill this twelfth house position. The lessons are truly inspirational and complex subjects are explained in a clear way. In this life, helping others achieve a new and happier outlook is the way for this person to find fulfillment and peace of mind. Everyone wants to know who is a perfect one or right one person that is meant for spending a rest of our life with him or her. For example, a person can be born in the year of the Rat with the element of Yin Wood. Astronomy-themed learning projects can help teach children not only astronomy but many subjects–reading, writing, math, history, geometry, chemistry, art, photography, etc. Almost any area of knowledge can be integrated into a children’s astronomy class or workshop.

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