Major Discoveries Of The Space Age

Either way, know you are going to be stepping up over some money making matter. This is a lengthy phase, wherein the influence of Shani is said to be very strong over the individual. Venus is her public image – the beauty and fame, but also Chiron there showing a wounded public image thru life as well. My Service focus on the big picture rare transits and progressions, showing what phases, cycles and temporary influences you are experiencing; how long they will last, and what you can expect from that. So these are examples how progressions and transits work together showing when natal events will happen. So the two major progressions were Venus/MC to sun and sun to Pluto. All her transits that day had happened before many times, but the progressions were not in place until this time. Transit sun (self) conjunct Asc, most powerful day of the year for her, but this time it happened when transit Chiron and Jupiter were conjunct 8th house of death – ruled by Neptune square Saturn. Mars conj Asc, etc. Both transit Mars and transit Mercury are on angles, including that sensitive point of death ruler. Remember, his Mercury is self, and Mars is his death ruler.

Mercury Return (death ruler), sun conjunct Pluto. The public wound Chiron on MC reached her house of death. He had Chiron on 7th house, which gave a healing energy to millions that loved his music. As soon as the thought of creating this world appeared in the psyche of Brahma, there was a simultaneous manifestation of Shakti (Divine Energy). But then, there comes a thirst for more. In NYC these include AMNH, Columbia, CUNY, NYU, Princeton, Yale, Rutgers, and more. No software is. I wish its charts offered a bit more interactivity, like the ability to move/center them with a mouse. To be sure of the calculation, we suggest that you double check the data generated by the software. I cannot be accurate without that data. He reached his death phase when his Mars (self) progressed to his Mercury(death ruler) on his public point with Pluto. Plus natal Mars with open outlet to sun (trine). Plus his Mercury in opposition to explosive Uranus/Pluto conj Ascendant.

Also his Ascendant progressed to his Chiron square Saturn. Saturn at the Galactic Center represents a point in the world when our interests and those of others intersect. I prefer to offer this information in report style a private YouTube video where i show your charts on the screen as i talk and point things out. The transits that day show the trigger. The exact day within that phase is seen in transits. Death is happening every moment, everyone has a certain type of death destiny that they will face when that phase arrives. His destiny was tied into so many others. That was his destiny! His chart almost has sacrificial element to it. Killed self in 2014. His natal chart shows Scorpio rising (11th degree) so Mars and Pluto is self. His ruler Mars with Uranus shows the unusual self expressions, a wild card. This shows the transit on it’s own couldn’t trigger anything if the progression wasn’t also in place.

Pluto opp Mars(self-once in lifetime transit). Transit Mercury and transit Mars came together on April 5 1994, conjunct his 23 degree of 7th house cusp, triggering the death event. Again, self (Mars) is self inflicted. The 23rd and 11th degrees on sensitive points also hints at self inflicted. Died from poisoning. Pisces on 8th house of death, ruled by Neptune in 1st house of self – Leo – rules heart and blood. The sun is self and Neptune is death, inside her house of self. When her Venus and MC progressed to her natal sun, the death phase was in place, since the sun rules self and the Leo blood issue. Her sun progressed to Pluto. His 8th house of death is ruled by Mercury conjunct his Midheaven and Pluto. Also Chiron is the biggest indication by transit in this case, and the first time it reached 8th house. Please show your support of Michael Orelove and the Marie Drake Planetarium by joining and/or volunteering with Michael at show times: First Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, 7:00 p.m. In addition, the Department of Physics & Astronomy hosts one of the world’s most powerful electron microscopes – the first of its kind outside of Japan – which displays images as small as one atom.

Take an astronomy course today! Here are some of the most commonly used app in the field of education today. If all of this sounds a bit hokey bear in mind that traces of our affection for the stars persist even today. It’s all written in the stars, even if we don’t have the perception to see the details or understand why. We come here to experience a certain path, certain experiences and destiny, even if some seem tragic. They also make great leaders, but sometimes come across rigid and inflexible. Invest some time in picking your binocular, for you are going to make use of it for a long time. I’m not going to judge these people for what happened. He influenced millions of people. However, when he killed self, many people were inspired to end their life as well. Others will perceive Monkey people as a very reliable source of information. Your video report will stay up to re-watch as many times as you need. No one can see the video without the link so your information will remain private.